Women's Self-Defense Information Seminar

From April 20, 2018 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm
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Although an increasing number of women are buying handguns and obtaining a Texas License to Carry a Handgun (LTC), many women are reluctant to take these steps and with they the ability to defend themselves against a violent attack. It appears that a combination of a lack of knowledge, an erroneous belief that armed self-defense is beyond their physical and/or emotion capability, and a misunderstanding of Texas law are the reasons why the most often victimized Texans do not carry handguns for self-defense.   To address these concerns, PSC Pistol Director Charles Cotton will present the Women’s Self-Defense Information Seminar with its special emphasis on issues facing women. 

This seminar is free and open to all PSC Shooting Club Members and their guests.  Seating is limited so register early.  Registration opens at 12.01AM, Friday, April 6th and closes at 5:00PM on Thursday, April 19th.

Date & Time:  Friday, April 20th 7:00PM - 8:30PM
Location:  PSC Shooting Club, Inc.
Seats Available:  35
Fee:  Free to PSC Members and their guests.  (Note:  Guests must be attending with a PSC Member.)


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