SO Calendar - September 2017

1.   Joel Broughton     2.   Bob Wolff
3.   J.R. Roberts (R)   4.   Derek Rabuck (R)
5.   Angela Rabuck (R)   6.   David Stonaker (R)
7.   Danny Stowers (R)   8.   Chris Peterson
9.   John Stokes   10. Rick Noeth
11.  Mike Wilson   12. Chuck Schumann
13.  Brandon Hill   14.

We still need 2 SO's.  Please email if you can help. Thanks!

Match Report

Thanks to the Friday Set-Up Crew:

Danny Daniel
Mike Humphries
Chris Zak
Rick North
Chris Peterson
Nathan Peterson
Dave Cartwright
Alex DiPrima
Bryan Urban
Mike Wilson
Dave Eickhoff
Eric Achord
Mark Stavrakis
Charles Cotton

Thanks folks!! This made set-up so much faster and easier.

Scenario Designer:

Mark Stavrakis - as always.  Thanks Mark!

This month's SOs:

  • J.P. Guidry
  • Mike Rys
  • Rick Noeth
  • Joel Broughton
  • James Burch
  • John Stokes
  • John Roberts (R)
  • Michelle Lonergan
  • Derek Rabuck (R)
  • Angela Rabuck (R)
  • Bob Barbour
  • Chris Peterson
  • Mike Wilson