As our Members and guests know, PSC Shooting Club (PSC) is one of the finest shooting facilities in Texas. Our Members enjoy access to rifle, pistol and shotgun facilities that are equaled at few ranges around the State. In addition to informal shooting, we host a wide variety matches and special shooting events, including monthly IDPA, IPSC, PPC, Steel Challenge, Pistol Pin and Pistol Plate matches. We also host the monthly Juniors Program and Ladies Program. Training is also offered at PSC and courses cover all shooting disciplines as well as metallic cartridge reloading, the Texas Hunter Safety Course, Texas Bow Hunters Course, and the Texas Concealed Handgun License Course.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on at your Club! The PSC Board constantly monitors range usage and adopts policies to help insure our Members will have access to our ranges and facilities. Examples of the steps taken with this goal in mind are the construction of new pistol bays and the establishment of a maximum Membership level. Additional pistol bays were added in 2012 and more are currently being added.  The Membership “cap” will be reviewed when those bays are completed and on a regular basis thereafter.

Even though the Membership level will be controlled, this has not chilled your Club’s support of various shooting sports and activities to people beyond our Members. All of our matches, special events, and training courses and clinics are open to Members and non-members alike. New outreach projects and programs are being studied and some that have already been approved will be launched shortly.

Members can still teach family members and one or two guests.  Hopefully, this background information will help people understand PSC’s policy regarding firearms instruction and training at PSC. Let’s get this clear from the outset; the PSC instructor policy does not prohibit any Member or Associate Member from providing firearms training, instruction, education, or coaching to their family members or a guest (subject to PSC guest policy). Recruiting people into safe, responsible, and fun use of firearms should begin at home, so “bring ‘um to the range and get ‘um shooting!”

It is the policy of PSC that no person may offer firearm instruction, training or coaching on PSC property unless they have been approved by the PSC Board of Directors and are listed on the PSC Approved Instructor List. The Board maintains the Approved Instructor List at a level to offer training in all shooting disciplines enjoyed at PSC, plus the Texas Hunter Safety Course and the Texas Concealed Handgun License Course. The goal is to make this training available at a level that does not overload our facilities which would deprive our Members of reasonable access to Club ranges.

Unauthorized firearms instruction will result in loss of Memberhship.  The PSC Board of Directors approves all persons listed on the PSC Approved Instructor List. Their teaching credentials are fully vetted before they are approved, but merely being “qualified” is not enough. Since people instructing at PSC are often viewed as “ambassadors” of our Club, only people who have provided years of dedicated service to PSC and our Members are considered for the “List.” The Board wants instructors who are dedicated not only to gun owners and the shooting community, but to PSC and its Members as well.

How seriously will this rule be enforced? It will be strictly enforced as one Member recently learned when he permanently lost his membership for violation of this rule. The Instructor List requirement is not new; this rule has been effect for many years and our ROs will be reporting violations just as they do for other PSC rules. Providing training opportunities while insuring our Members have reasonable access to Club ranges and facilities is a balancing act. Adoption of the PSC Approved Instructor List has proven to be a critical element in achieving that balance.